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I dream of bread...

Currently, cookies are the only item available for shipping. However, you can order bread & waffles for pickup and delivery in Durham & Chapel Hill, NC by emailing whileyoureup.bread@gmail.com.

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An Intuitive Micro-Bakery

A lifelong obsession with desserts & pastries led to this moment. Self-taught baker Oona O'Toole creates masterful pastries, breads and cookies utilizing local ingredients and whole & fresh-milled grains to create mouth-watering delights.

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  • LA Magazine

    "These Micro Bread Bakers Are Selling Home-Crafted Creations During the Pandemic"

    LA Magazine 
  • Shoutout LA

    "Meet Oona O’Toole | Baker & Owner of While You're Up Bread"

    Shoutout LA 
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